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An FPGA-based SoM with integrated vision, audio, and motion-sensing capability

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Sep 30, 2020

Project update 11 of 17

Current Status

by Venkat R

Hello everyone, thank you for signing up and backing this project!

In this update will cover the campaign status, planned changes to various boards associated with the Vision SoM ie. the Developer kit, SoM, and the breakout board, and a campaign extension.

Planned Modification to Boards:

Developer Board

Based on user feedback, we’re decided to make some improvements to the Developer board:

The RPi connector pinout is currently being added and the other optimizations have already been implemented.

Any current and future orders placed for a Developer board or the Developer Kit will include this improved version of the Developer board. This will not change the price of the Development board. We’ll share an updated rendering as soon as it’s available.

More Details: Raspberry Pi Hat Connector Pinout

The Developer board will have the added feature of a Raspberry Pi connector pinout. This leverages the extensive RPi ecosystem to develop applications using the Vision FPGA SoM.

This enables new use cases for a Raspberry Pi Zero W (including the ones as shown in Adafruit Pi Hat:


The SoM is being modified as follows for the production run based on feedback:

Status: This was a pretty major change and resulted in re-layout of large portions of the SoM. The layout has been completed and is being checked for errors etc.

Breakout Board

The breakout board is functional. However, as you can see from the picture below, the soldered on 0.1" headers are close to shorting the SoM castellations, not good!

Status: The board has been redesigned by widening it.

Campaign Extended!

We are extending the campaign date as we would like to give more time to the community to digest the changes in the hardware (especially the addition of the RPi hat option). This decision was made with Crowd Supply’s support and consultation.

The design changes require a prototype run for verification. The extension of the campaign also adds to the timeline, requiring us to push out our expected ship date to early January 2021.

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