Vision FPGA SoM


An FPGA-based SoM with integrated vision, audio, and motion-sensing capability

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Join us for a tinyML Meetup - August 4th at 8am PDT

by Venkat R

Hello potential backers, thank you for signing up!

We’ve been working on many fronts and spreading the word about the SoM over the past couple of months since you signed up to be potential backers of this project.

Please join us on August 4th, 8AM - 9AM PDT at a tinyML Meetup where I will be talking about practical considerations when developing a low power Computer Vision device like the Vision SoM.

Please register in advance to receive the link and dial in information. Hope to see you there!

About the Author

Venkat R

vrangan  ·  tinyvision-ai-inc  ·   San Diego, CA

$8,700 raised

of $8,000 goal

108% Funded! Order Below

Product Choices


Vision FPGA SoM

One FPGA Vision SoM to play with! The price will increase once the campaign is over, so back us today!


Vision FPGA SoM Breakout Kit

One Vision FPGA SoM and one Breakout Board.


Vision FPGA SoM Dev Kit

One Vision FPGA SoM and Developer Board.



Two FPGA Vision SoM's.



Pack of 10 FPGA Vision SoM's, at a 5% discount.


SoM Breakout Board

The SoM breakout board brings all SoM pins to 2.54 mm pitch pins for breadboarding, can't do without it! SoMe assembly required to solder the 2.54 mm headers on. Note: SoM is not included.


SoM Developer Board

One developer board that breaks out SoM IO with in-line LEDs, allows for USB power (with power monitoring) and programming, includes Pmod and Qwiic connectors, and has room for prototyping. Note: SoM is NOT included.

Credits works closely with clients to incorporate low power CV into their devices. We are enabling CV with hardware in the form of tightly integrated CV modules with a clean API.

Venkat Rangan

Emcraft Systems


Pixart Imaging



Component provider

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