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Nov 11, 2022

Project update 11 of 14

Developing with Your New CANFDuino

by daniel k

Shipping Update

Good news backers! The next batch of units has arrived at the warehouse and will be shipping to you in the next week or two. All existing orders should be filled with units leftover for stock at Crowd Supply.

Developing with Your New CANFDuino

Please keep in mind that, due to the chip shortage, we had to change the processor from a SAMC21G18A to a SAMC21G17A in order to get product out to you this year. The difference between these two devices are that flash space and RAM are smaller on the 17A (there were also some minor inconsequential chip changes as well to work around the shortage). Inside the packaging of your unit, you will find a note reminding you of this. This is important, as it slightly changes the build process in the Arduino IDE. Please follow the readme instructions on the GitHub repository so that you have the latest libraries. Now you should see a new board selection, for a "CANFDuino17A", so long as you build with that board selection, you should be off to the races!

Thank you again for all of your support and interest! I want you all to know that I deeply appreciate your patience and understanding during this time, which might actually be the most difficult time in recent history to launch an automotive electronics project. We will have more updates coming as we expand upon the prototyping capabilities of the CANFDuino and add more software applications to the libraries.


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