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Nov 25, 2020

Project update 4 of 5

Parts Post-Processing Resources

by Tomislav Liber

I’d like to devote this week to post-processing 3D printed parts, which is something backers who choose the DIY kits with raw parts will ultimately have to deal with. It’s a process that consists of multiple intricate steps, but I’ve prepared a very detailed post-processing guide followed by plenty of photos and videos, which should give those interested a deep understanding of the subject and help them get through it.

So, I’d like to invite subscribers interested in this topic to read through my post-processing guide and watch the series of videos on this topic on the LTA Headphones Youtube channel:

It’s useful to go through this material when deciding whether to choose DIY kits with raw and unprocessed parts in the campaign or not. Those who think this process is overly complicated, or simply don’t want to mess with painting, can pick an option to have the parts post-processed by myself at extra cost, in which case they’ll receive parts finished at top quality, just as shown in the guide.

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