LTA Headphones

A modular, open hardware framework for high-end headphones

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Impeccable Sound Quality & Unparalleled Modularity

LTA headphones are non-traditional in many aspects, and aim to offer more possibilities than most headphones by being designed as high-quality customizable and fully modular headphone platforms, rather than products with a single fixed configuration. This novel and unique concept has largely been made possible by utilizing state-of-the-art additive manufacturing technologies and futuristic materials previously unused in the headphone industry, in combination with several unique design solutions.

As a result of that, all LTA headphone components can be easily replaced, customized or upgraded. In addition, all LTA headphones can be built with various speaker units and enable multiple ways of tuning the sound to each listener’s personal preferences, always in an affordable and entirely reversible way. This is something that’s been previously unavailable on the headphone market, and not only allows for a lot of DIY and modding freedom, but also prolongs the lifetime of products by making them future-proof and very long-term cost-effective. It’s one of core LTA philosophies that no owner should ever be forced to replace an entire headphone just because they want to change one or a few parts of it.

Fully Assembled or DIY

We are making two different models available through this campaign: the smaller LTA V1 and the larger, full-sized LTA V2. For either model, you get to decide whether you want your headphones to arrive fully assembled or in the form of a DIY kit.

LTA Headphones will be available as fully custom-built products, based on specifications of each individual buyer. Owners will then be free to decide whether they’ll keep their headphones in their initial configuration, or whether they’ll work on them and customize them further down the line.

LTA headphones will also be available as DIY kits, another first on the headphone market, for those who’d rather build their own headphones from ground up, exactly to their liking, requiring nothing but basic tools and skills. A lot of effort has been put into making the headphones very easy to work on, but at the same time durable and tough enough to handle multiple assembling and disassembling cycles.

All Models Are Fully Customizable

The precise list of customization options varies between the LTA V1 and the LTA V2, but both models offer a number of upgradable components, including:

  • Replaceable drivers units with multiple high-quality options available on the market.

  • Removable ear pads with a large selection of OEM and aftermarket options available for sound and fit/comfort customization.

  • Acoustic treatment materials for the rear acoustic chambers will be provided with the headphones.

  • Acoustic mesh filters by SAATI will be provided in various transparency specs, enabling precise sound customization options.

  • Upgradable components produced out of different materials and using different manufacturing options available down the line, e.g. CNC machined headband sliders or grills.

Along with several recommended configurations, our publicly available documentation will describe, in detail, the various ways in which you might use each of the customization options above when tuning your headphones to your liking.

Features & Specifications

Once again, the exact features of your headphones will depend on whether you order the LTA V1 or the LTA V2, but you can look forward to the following regardless:

  • Carbon Fiber reinforced polyamide parts (Selective Laser Sintering) – the strongest and stiffest additive manufacturing plastic material available, often used as metal replacement, vastly superior to ABS plastic usually used for headphone production.
  • PA12 parts (Multi-Jet Fusion) – with a fine, very pleasant and unique surface texture and feel.
  • Fully modular construction, with every part easily removable or upgradable using basic tools.
  • Multiple ways to easily customize the sound character and tune it to ones own liking, all in a reversible way.
  • Future-proof system, with aesthetic and functional upgrades available.
  • Parts post-processed to a high-quality finish by hand, for each buyer individually.
  • Certain mechanical parts will be CNC machined out of Aluminium at higher pledge levels.
  • Detachable cable made out of high-quality Sommer Cable Peacock MKII wire, featuring high-end Hirose HR10A and Neutrik NP3X-B connectors.
  • High-quality Bossard fasteners & brass threaded inserts, and Halder spring plungers for headband size adjustment.
  • Beyerdynamic Pro series headband spring steel bow for ultimate comfort and proven durability.

Currently Available Models


For Uncompromising Connoisseurs of Vocal & Instrumental Music

The LTA V1 is an open-back headphone inspired by a headphone style that’s been very popular for decades, and has been designed as a modern and improved take on it, featuring a unique and fully modular design, with an elegant appearance, highly advanced modern materials, exceptional build quality and remarkable audiophile-grade sound quality. It’s a headphone aimed at those who value a traditional hi-fi sound, as it’s tuned for a neutral sound balance in the standard configuration. It features extremely high-quality speaker units, with a highly detailed sound that attempts to extract as much information as possible from the recordings, without masking anything. In that sense, the V1 can be considered a reference headphone. It excels with vocal and instrumental music, so it’s best suited for people who mostly listen to classical, orchestral, jazz, vocal or old rock music. That doesn’t mean it won’t sound great with other genres, but those are the genres that really highlight the capabilities of the V1, because they’re generally very well recorded.

The V1 model is a very simple headphone to use and live with, as it functions just like any other wired headphone, but with added benefits of modularity and the potential for customization. It’s relatively easy to power and has a low impedance rating of 32 Ohms with high sensitivity, so it doesn’t necessarily require a headphone amplifier and can be used even when plugged straight into a smartphone. That being said, it will benefit from a high quality headphone amplifier and a good DAC, as all highly resolving headphones do. Nothing overly exotic is required, a good DAC/amplifier combo can be bought for as low as $200, which will already lead to excellent performance when combined with uncompressed music files.

LTA V1 Customization Options

On top of being able to use the V1 model as is, in it’s standard configuration, the owners will have an ability to reversibly modify the headphones to their liking through several customization options:

  • Replaceable 46 mm diameter drivers units with multiple high-quality options available on the market specifically developed for this type of headphone.

  • Adapters for drivers below 46 mm available for an even wider range of modding options.

  • Driver spacers allowing for fine tuning of driver-to-ear distance.

  • Removable Grado L-Cushion ear pads with a large selection of OEM and aftermarket options available.

  • Replaceable grills with various designs will be available in the future for affordable aesthetic and functional modifications.

  • Acoustic filters will be provided for rear grills, as well as frontal driver damping.

  • Printable inserts for the rear cup chamber, enabling owners to control the shape and volume of the chamber.

  • Replaceable outer ear cup shells enabling for simple future aesthetic personalization.


For Superior Comfort, Balanced Sound, and Limitless Modding Potential

The LTA V2 is a headphone that’s been designed and developed as a full-sized, open-back headphone, but with an entirely unique design approach. It’s a completely modular headphone platform, rather than just a single product, giving potential owners a wide range of possibilities for future functional and aesthetic customization. It’s been specifically designed with DIY and/or modding in mind, without sacrificing any aspect required for the creation of a high quality product, at a very competitive price point considering the sound, design, materials and build quality, as well as the future-proof nature of this platform. The V2 will accept virtually every driver unit on the market between 40 and 50 mm in diameter while also giving owners an ability to easily and reversibly tune and modify the sound of the headphone to their liking through various means that have been designed into the headphone from the very start.

The fully built V2 model available in the campaign is a very well balanced headphone in all aspects, featuring high-quality 50mm drivers that have already proven their worth on the headphone market in several well-regarded headphones, some even above the $1000 price point. Combined with the superior design and materials of the V2, the results are even better. It’s tuned for a neutral sound balance with a flat frequency response, with excellent extension on both ends of the spectrum, with a lot of detail, and with a large and airy soundstage. It’s designed to not be as picky as the V1 when it comes to source material, and will work equally well with all genres and types of music. In addition to that, it differs to the V1 model in terms of comfort, being superior in that regard because it’s an around-ear design. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who wants a headphone with a very competitive sound quality up to the $1000 price point, with an added benefit of superior materials, craftsmanship and endless potential for future customization.

LTA V2 Customization Options

On top of being able to use the V2 model as is, in it’s standard configuration, the owners will have an ability to reversibly modify the headphones to their liking through several customization options:

  • Replaceable 50 mm diameter drivers units with multiple 40 to 50 mm options available on the market at a wide price and quality range.

  • Unique and removable driver holder components enabling quick driver swaps, with various driver-to-ear distances and several acoustic filters available for applying to them.

  • Unique and removable filter frame components enabling owners to fine tune the size and shape of the enclosed ear pad volume.

  • Several types of acoustic mesh filters by SAATI will be provided for attaching over the tuning ports on the filter frames, and for frontal driver damping.

  • Damping fabrics and meshes will be provided for attaching under the real grills, enabling owners to control ear cup openness.

  • Removable ear pad frame components designed to fit any ~100mm diameter ear pad (industry standard size) on the market from manufacturers like Beyerdynamic, Dekoni, and Brainwavz.

  • Removable hinge yokes and ear cup frames enabling for simple future aesthetic personalization.

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