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Jul 05, 2020

Project update 5 of 20

New Board Revision and Call for Beta Testers

by Mathew M

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the very long wait between updates – at Traverse we have been very busy not only on the Ten64 but a couple of other ongoing projects – and we were unable to launch Ten64 last year as planned.

The Ten64 boards have been working well but we did identify a couple of issues that we could improve before the boards went into mass production – especially with regards to thermals and integration with both purpose-built and standard ITX enclosures.

Improved Rev B Boards

Improvements include:

  1. Some tuning of the PCB layout to reduce thermal hot spots on the board
  2. Added I/O panel buttons with LEDs to eliminate the need for a button and LED breakout board on a 'desktop' appliance case
  3. Tweaked the layout around the M.2 key B so a 5G (50 mm) card can sit entirely on the board
  4. Added a four-pin PWM fan header
  5. A much better looking soldermask!

Network Appliance

We will be offering two options in the campaign initially:

The network appliance comes with 11 antenna mounts to support sub-6 5G and dual-band Wi-Fi applications. To keep things cool (and quiet!) a Noctua NF-A4x20 PWM fan is included.

Note that wireless cards/modems are not included with the appliance - as it is difficult to meet certification requirements on an "open" product - we do maintain a compatibility list of wireless cards that work.

Call for Beta Testers

We now have some boards available for beta testing and evaluation by the community. If you are interested, please fill out the contact form with answers to the following questions:

We’ll try to reply to all submissions within two weeks of receipt.

Update 2020-07-23: Beta tester applications are now closed! We received about ten times the number of applications as available boards, so it will take us a bit more time than planned to sort through them. Everyone who submitted an application will receive a response by the end of next week.

We have also started acquiring parts for a mass production run so we can turn over quickly after the campaign is completed – more information on that shortly. Issues around COVID-19 have slowed us down slightly but we are working through them.

In the meantime, check out the user manual and source repositories.

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