Traverse Ten64

An eight-core ARM64 networking platform with mainline Linux support

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Jul 30, 2021

Project update 20 of 20

Order Status & Firmware Reminder

by Mathew M

Shipping Delay for Orders

Many Traverse Ten64 orders have now been shipped. However, there are some still pending, mostly international orders.

As the LS1088A processor used in the Ten64 has encryption acceleration capabilities the US government requires some extra paperwork to ship the products internationally. We’ve submitted the necessary documents for review by BIS, and the non-US orders should be released for shipment soon. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay, and appreciate your patience.

International backers may be requested to fill an ‘end-user certificate’ declaring the intended use for the Ten64, and that you are not subject to any US sanctions. Mouser Electronics will contact you if this is required.

Firmware Reminder

A reminder that you should update the firmware on your Ten64 as soon as you receive it.

There have been updates released to add new features such as backwards compatibility with certain older long-term distribution releases, as well as to fix issues related to the real time clock (RTC) and deploying distributions from the appliance store / recovery firmware.

See the forum thread on firmware updates for more information.

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