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An eight-core ARM64 networking platform with mainline Linux support

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Shipping Soon and Support Forum Open

by Mathew M

Hello all,

Just an update on the Ten64 shipping status. We have had some delays doing the final packaging and organizing shipment to Crowd Supply but this has been resolved, and the first shipment is now on the way to the Crowd Supply warehouse.

If you ordered your Ten64 during the campaign or shortly after, your Ten64 unit should be in this batch. This includes all Ten64’s ordered with RAM pre-installed (both complete kit and board only), SATA controllers and NAS bundles.

We are working on shipping the remaining stock to Crowd Supply throughout June, however, progress has been slowed by reintroduction of COVID-19 control measures across Asia (particularly in Malaysia; as Ten64’s are being finished in the factory) and in our home state of Victoria, Australia.

Have you moved since placing your order or wish to change your shipping address?

You can change your shipping address by going to your Crowd Supply account page, choosing the open order you want to change the address for, and then clicking the "Update Shipping Address" button. You will need to log in before accessing your account.

Updating your shipping address helps avoid delays and get your orders shipped successfully. Once your order details have been sent out by our warehouse team for processing, it can be hard or impossible to re-route a shipment. Please contact Crowd Supply Support with any shipping questions or concerns.

What’s in the box?

This is one of the finished units that will be shipped soon:

In the box we have the DC power supply, hex key (to open the case), ATX I/O shield, ATX power cable, standalone fan, factory restore microSD and tray eject tool:

Crowd Supply will add a USB-C cable (for the console port) and the IEC power lead of your choice to your Ten64 shipment.

The finished version looks better than the prototypes as we tweaked how the enclosure components were made. All the panels are now anodized in the same factory so they match better.

Support Forum is Now Open

We have now opened our support forum, feel free to ask your technical questions there.

If you have any questions regarding your specific Ten64 order, please contact Crowd Supply who will assist you.

Important: Update your firmware when you receive your Ten64

The Ten64 ‘release to manufacturing’ firmware was compiled in early April, and there will be a new firmware release (tentatively labelled ‘v0.8.5’) which will come out as soon as Ten64’s are despatched.

The main feature in this release is the introduction of a switch between ‘legacy’ and ‘managed’ (the default) modes for Ethernet PHY communication (such as informing the kernel that you have plugged in a Ethernet cable). As the drivers to do this have only been introduced recently into Linux, there are some distribution versions which need to be run in ‘legacy’ mode.

Once all Ten64’s have been shipped we will start a process of updating firmware components and upstreaming many of the drivers and patches that have been written.

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Mathew M

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Product Choices


Ten64 Complete Kit

You get a a fully assembled and tested Ten64 mainboard installed in a custom metal enclosure with a fan, 60 W power supply with regional power cord, a USB-C console cable, a recovery microSD card, a SIM eject tool, and a hex key, as you'd expect with any good piece of hardware. RAM with ECC not included.



From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

This SanDisk solid-state drive (SSD) fits inside the standard Ten64 enclosure and interfaces to the mainboard via NVMe. The 128 GB drive (P/N SDAPMUW-128G-1022) is compatible with both the M.2 Key M and M.2 Key B slots on Ten64's mainboard, whereas the 256 GB drive (P/N SDBPNPZ-256G) and 512 GB drive (P/N SDBPNPZ-512G) are only compatible with the M.2 Key M slot. These drives are only available when purchased with a Ten64. User installation required.


NAS-grade SATA 2.5" SSD

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

These NAS-grade solid state drives (SSDs) are rated to last much longer than consumer models, so are perfect for NAS bulk storage. Choose from 256 GB (AP256GPPSS25-R), 512 GB (AP512GPPSS25-R), and 1 TB (AP1TPPSS25-R) capacities. These drives are only available when purchased with a Ten64. User installation required.


Flexible SATA Cable

From the Crowd Supply Basics project.

A flexible cable (3M part number 5602-44-0142A-300) for connecting a SATA drive to a SATA controller board.


Traverse Technologies

Traverse is a design house focusing on broadband and machine-to-machine applications. Our key areas of expertise are in wireline (xDSL), wireless (LTE), and embedded Linux with an aim to leverage open source technologies such as Linux and OpenWrt as much as possible.

Guy Ellis

SI and DFM Engineer

Mathew McBride

Product Architect

Brett Hahnel

PCB Layout and CAD

Sean Yang

SW Developer

Dennis Monks

SW Dev Leader

Vaughn Coetzee

Firmware Developer



Contract Manufacturer

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