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Nov 20, 2017

Project update 11 of 13

Home Stretch!

It’s been a couple weeks since the last update, so here is what has happened in this time.


Production is scheduled to complete late next week. A small initial batch is complete and I will be receiving a few ahead of time for testing, and we’re projecting to start shipping to you all the first 2 weeks of December. I know you all have been waiting, and we’re so close!

Faulty Boards

I once again have to say thank you to all who’ve reached out to me for the free boards over the past month. I’m pleased to report that 150 have been claimed! This leaves 225 still up for grabs, so we added a new purchasing tier, where you can pick one or five of the faulty boards at roughly half price.

Modified cable required.

All of these boards are tested and loaded with a bootloader. The only catch is the cable modification that must be done (after cutting a USB cable, reconnect the Red->Red and Black->Black, but reverse the White and Green wires).

USB Cable Wiring

SHIELD, no connection at USB device.
  1. USB Vcc (+5 V)
  2. USB Data +
  3. USB Data
  4. GND

Rewire USB cable normally, except that the White and Green wires need to be spliced instead of a 1:1 connection.

Once again, we’re down the home stretch. More information to follow!



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