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Faulty µduinos and what to do with them

Offer Details and Path Forward

As of the date of the posted update (10/12/17), anyone with an order in the system is eligible for the free faulty units. New orders placed after this date are not eligible. Since you all supported this project and have been waiting for your µduinos for a while now, and this delay affects you all more than someone who just bought one, it wouldn’t feel right to not give priority to the early backers.

If you want to receive the faulty boards, please contact orders@crowdsupply.com, copy to uduino.info@gmail.com, and include your order number. Please contact us before Friday 11/03/17.

Several of you have offered to purchase additional faulty µduinos. Once we have a handle for how many extra we’ll be left with, I’ll add a purchase option to the main page to purchase them (at reduced price of $10). Others have offered to pitch in for the cost of the rebuild, which I greatly appreciate! If you wish to pitch in, you can do so with the donate button.

I’ve received and programmed the faulty µduinos already and they are on their way to Crowd Supply (anyone in the Portland, Oregon area is free to pick theirs up earlier, as they’ll be at the warehouse until the final units come in). My manufacturer is optimistically targeting November 15th as a completion date, with programming to begin after then. Since these dates are so close, we’ll be sending them (faulty and correct) out together. To keep us from confusing the two types of µduinos, the final units are going to be blue, while the faulty ones are black.

More updates to follow as they come in, so stay tuned!



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