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A tiny, mighty ESP32 development board

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Production Complete

A quick production update…

It’s done! Including all current pre-orders!

Yup, production is done and we are now packing the final TinyPICOs from the last production run into their bags with all of their accessories.

Once that’s done we have the fun task of doing a final count of everything, then packing it all together and working out how to ship it all to Crowd Supply!

We estimate that we’ll be sending it all off to Crowd Supply next week and it should only take 3-4 days to get there. Once there it will go into their warehouse and be assigned people to start packing orders and shipping them out!


Please do take the time to check your shipping address in your Crowd Supply account and update it if necessary.

TinyPICO in Arduino IDE

Last week we put a pull request in to the Espressif Arduino GitHub repository to have TinyPICO added to the ESP32 boards list for the next ESP32 Arduino update. We are not sure when it’s scheduled to be released, but if you get your TinyPICO before the update comes out and are planning on using the Arduino IDE, you can select ESP32 Pico Kit as the board for now until teh update is out.

Thanks again for helping make this a truly amazing and memorable launch campaign.

We can’t wait to see what you all make with your TinyPICOs!


Seon & Matt

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Product Choices



Your very own TinyPICO V2 with MicroPython pre-installed. Comes with unassembled male headers, stackable headers, a JST PH battery connector, and a JST MicroBlade battery connector.


TinyPICO Shield Pack

A Shield Pack for your Tinypico: you'll receive an Audio Shield, an RTC Shield, an I²C Grove Shield, a Proto Shield and a side-by-side 3 Up Shield + all headers.


Unexpected Maker

I've spent my life sitting in front of a computer screen for work and for play and recently I decided I wanted to do more things with my hands... electronics, woodworking or 3D printing... I don't mind what it is, so long as I am not staring at a computer screen. Please join me on my journey as I make and break projects, discover new things, and hopefully inspire you to go out and make something too!

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