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Jul 08, 2019

Project update 11 of 12

TinyPICO has landed at Crowd Supply!

Shipping Time!!!!!!

Last week we shipped all backer orders and the first bunch of pre-orders to Crowd Supply, and today they were recieved (all boxes, and all undamaged) and you all know what that means right? Yup, shipping is about to start!

This is your last chance to check and update your shipping details, if they’ve changed.

Getting Started Guide

On the pinout card in every TinyPICO pack, there is a link to our getting started guide. We are still working on it, so it might change and grow by the time you get your packs delivered, but we are quite happy with it so far.

We’ll be adding more details to the add-ons page too over the next week. Adding links to libraries and drivers where needed, and of course, we still have more code and examples to add to the TinyPICO GitHub repo, so there’s no down time for us yet!

Live AMA Tomorrow!

Seon is doing a live AMA on his Unexpected Maker YouTube channel on Wednesday 6:30 am, GMT+10, which is Tuesday midday to evening in the US and Tuesday evening in the EU.

You can use this schedule to work out when it starts in your location!

Come and drop into the chat and ask any questions you have, or lay back and watch Seon try to answer everyone’s tricky questions!

Thanks again for helping make this a truly amazing and memorable campaign launch.

We can’t wait to see what you all make with your TinyPICOs!


Seon & Matt

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