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Apr 26, 2022

Project update 9 of 13

Component Lead Times and Next Steps

by Martin W

This time I bring mixed news. Although I planned ahead and ordered parts as soon as I could reasonably expect the campaign to end successfully, the chip shortage curse has struck this project. The good news is: it only concerns the dipswitch for the USB to UART IC and a diode controlling power when switching between USB and battery as a source. The estimated delivery times have been pushed to mid-September, which means we’d miss our current delivery schedule of August. This could potentially put our delivery time in December.

There might be a solution: As part of preparations for the production run I have started a review process for the PCB design that will most likely return with recommendations which warrant a small redesign of the prototype. This allows for small changes that could resolve the above mentioned delays by just replacing the parts which do not concern the main functions of the product.

I will keep you updated and post another update once the review process is complete. Thank you!

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