unsurv offline

A fully open source, privacy friendly, compact GNSS receiver with ESP32 and NFC for all your location based projects, including tracking surveillance cameras

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unsurv offline is a privacy friendly, small, lightweight PCB (43 mm x 32 mm) loaded with an ESP32, GNSS reciever and NFC capabilities. Using a combination of OpenStreetMap data on the SD card and a custom Android app, unsurv offline lets you gather GNSS data throughout your day and easily analyze and use it later on. Our goal is to enable a broad discussion about invasive technologies that follow us increasingly closer in our daily lives and to help disrupt familiarization to offline surveillance. unsurv is also perfect for a variety of other location tracking uses.

You can access your unsurv data easily using your smartphone and the dynamic NFC Tag integrated into the case. A tiny BMA400 accelerometer helps you save precious battery capacity by managing power-saving features. It can even be adapted as an input device with tap and double tap recognition. Ready to get going? Just add a power source of your choice (a single cell LiPo battery or USB power bank for more demanding tasks) and start gathering data. By the end of the day, most common Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) projects find their way onto unsurv offline, including surveillance cameras you would otherwise not notice.

How Many Surveillance Cameras Have Potentially Seen You Throughout Your Day?

Well, it’s hard to tell isn’t it? Unsurv offline can really help you with that. It will also do simple location logging, automated commute tracking, and map WiFi signal strength. This means you could log your daily commute by bike and ensure that noone except you has the data. Or you could map WiFi signal strength in your city and create a map of free WiFi access points. If you use vehicles commercially and want to claim tax benefits, you could use unsurv offline to log each trip. And, unsurv offline is open source to help you come up with your own custom uses.

unsurv offline Demo

Here you can see multiple features in action and learn more about the problems that prompted this project. Using a combination of OpenStreetMap data on the SD card and a custom Android app, you can analyze how many cameras you have been close to throughout your day, among other things.

Why Not Use Location Tracking On Your Phone?

As you may know if you have ever used it, implementing an always-on location service on a smartphone increases power draw and is not sustainable to use throughout the day. It also potentially exposes your location to third parties, taking away from the security focus. Unsurv solves for all of this as a custom lightweight, portable, low-power board with every feature you need for powerful location tracking.

Features & Specifications

  • Ublox cam m8c GNSS receiver (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)
  • ESP32 Pico D4 Microcontroller
  • Texas Instruments RF430CL330 dynamic NFC Interface
  • Bosch BMA400 accelerometer for power saving features
  • MCP73831 single cell Li-Ion battery charger
  • Micro SD slot
  • 5 ways to access your data:
    • NFC
    • Bluetooth
    • WiFi
    • SD card
    • micro USB


unsurv-offlinecricketTrackiAbeeway MicroTTGO T-Beam
Size (mm)45 x 32 46 x 23 46 x 38 59 x 34 100 x 33
HostESP32 STM32L082 ? ? ESP32
Main accessNFC / SD card / App LoRaWAN App / Web Web LoRaWAN / Display
WiFi / BTYes / Yes No / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / Yes
Motion sensingYes Yes Yes Yes No
Open sourceHW + SW HW No No HW + SW
SubscriptionNo No $20 / month Yes No

Open Source

You can follow development and have a look at the hardware design on GitHub. We also plan to make the Android app, firmware for our use case, and other common use cases publicly available

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