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Dec 04, 2023

Project update 13 of 13

Final Preparations Are Taking Place

by Martin W

Hi all,

I am currently working through the last steps before the production run. Let me get you up to date on the current developments.

CE testing

I visited an accredited lab in Slovenia to do pretesting before the production run begins. We decided to test for radiated emissions which should be the most difficult test to pass, and unsurv-offline passed successfully. To add some headroom, I got a recommendation to add a single part to the design, therefore one more PCB iteration and function test is needed before we can start the production run. Despite some new problems arising, it should be possible to fulfill backer orders early next year.

Power budget

Some time ago I launched a readthedocs documentation where I gathered some information about the power budget. This place will be populated with guides and detailed information on all functional parts of unsurv-offline. Check it out here.

Thank you all for your support.


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