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Neural network accelerator for AI on the edge. Up to four trillion ops/sec with just a few watts.

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Production Update

Hi All,

We have a small delay in our schedule and would like to update you on what our status is right now.

  1. AI Core X : The yield rate is not as good as expected. It took us some time to optimize the production process. The first batch will arrive at the end of February, and thereafter we will start shipment.
  2. AI Core XM M.2 2280: We are ready to produce the module itself and we are waiting for the active heatsink tooling to be ready. The delivery will be sent out at the end of March.
  3. AI Core XM M.2 2242 : The module will come without a heatsink and will be running in Microsoft ML. The delivery will be sent at the end of March.

AI Core XM M. 2230: This poses a challenge. The module needs to have a PCIe driver, however, there is no specific schedule from Intel yet. If we don’t get any update from Intel by the end of March, we will contact you to understand if you would like to switch to another form factor. 4. Vision Plus and Vision Plus kit: Delivery schedule will be kept. 5. PPE & Retail Starter Kit: We have a delay in the final Software package while we were waiting for the release of OpenVINO R5. We should be able to fulfill the order in March.

We would like to share the block diagram of each module, this is something you were asking for. Here we are able to share it as the design is finalized.

We are working on many development kits around AI. Please follow us on our social media platforms to get the latest information.

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Product Choices



An edge computing module powered by the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X in a MiniCard/mPCIe form factor.



An edge computing module powered by two Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X SoCs in a single M.2 2280 key B+M form factor.



UP is a brand owned by AAEON Europe, which is one of the ASUS group's associated companies. In order to differentiate the market and fit in a different business model, we decided to have an UP garage team. The team aims to provide an embedded product, including hardware and software, to both professional makers and industrial markets. Today we have more than 5,000 users at UP Community and 7,000 shoppers at UP Shop.

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