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Neural network accelerator for AI on the edge. Up to four trillion ops/sec with just a few watts.

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UP AI CORE X is a complete product line of neural network accelerators for edge devices. Whether the automation you are creating is for identifying and tallying items in a shopping cart, alerting airport security to unattended luggage, or monitoring traffic congestion ahead of an autonomous vehicle, the AI CORE X let’s you embed the real-time computational power you need directly where you need it.

Step Out of the Rain

Cloud computing is great for many things, but not for real-time edge applications with tight latency, bandwidth, security, and reliability constraints. Sometimes, the only solution is to co-locate the processing of data with the collection of data. This means no cloud computing. Thankfully, the skies are clearing. With up to four trillion operations per second (TOPS) and a Neural Compute Engine capable of delivering up to one TOPS, all with just a few watts of power, AI CORE X is perfect for doing the heavy lifting in any edge application.

Neural Compute Engine

The AI CORE X is powered by the recently released Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X, a third-generation vision processing unit (VPU) that is the first in its class to include a Neural Compute Engine — a dedicated hardware accelerator for deep neural networks, trainable with industry-standard tools.

Features & Specifications

Common to All Models

ChipsetMovidius™ Myriad™ X 2485
Onboard memory4 Gbits LPDDR4
ExtrasGPIO reset
ShippingFree worldwide shipping

Variations Between Models

AI Core XAI Core XM 2280
Form FactormPCIeM.2 2280 M+B key
Myriad X SoCs12
Dimensions24 x 42 mm22 x 80 mm
ThermalFan-less heatsinkHeatsink with active fan





Application Scenarios

Myriad X vs Myriad 2

The Myriad X chip used on the AI CORE X is the successor to the Myriad 2 chip.

Myriad 2Myriad X
Compute Capacity>1 TOPS>4 TOPS
Vector Processors12x SHAVE Processors16x SHAVE Processors
CPUs2x LEON4 cores (RISC; SPARC V8)2x LEON4 cores (RISC; SPARC V8)
On-chip Accelerators~20 image/vision processing accelerators20+ image/vision processing accelerators, Neural Compute Engine (DNN accelerator)
Neural Network Capability1st Gen DNN Support (Up to 100 GFLOPS)Neural Compute Engine (Up to 1 TOPS)
On-chip Memory and Bandwidth2 MB (400 GB/sec)2.5 MB (450 GB/sec)
VideoVGA, 720p, 1080p, H.264 (software encoder)M/JPEG 4K at 60 Hz encoder, H.264/H.265 4K at 30 Hz encoder
Process28 nm HPC+/HPC/HPM (TSMC)16 nm FFC (TSMC)

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Produced by UP in Eindhoven, Netherland.

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An edge computing module powered by two Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X SoCs in a single M.2 2280 key B+M form factor.

$199 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide


An edge computing module powered by the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X in a MiniCard/mPCIe form factor.

$115 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team


Eindhoven, Netherland  ·   up-board.org

UP is a brand owned by AAEON Europe, which is one of the ASUS group's associated companies. In order to differentiate the market and fit in a different business model, we decided to have an UP garage team. The team aims to provide an embedded product, including hardware and software, to both professional makers and industrial markets. Today we have more than 5,000 users at UP Community and 7,000 shoppers at UP Shop.

Fabrizio Del Maffeo
Aling Wu

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