BioAmp EXG Pill

Professional-grade analog front-end amplification for ECG, EMG, EOG, and EEG biosensing on one tiny board

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Aug 12, 2021

Project update 1 of 11

We Are Live!

by Deepak Khatri

Hello and Namaste to all,

Crowdfunding has begun for the BioAmp EXG Pill. Our long wait is finally over!

This board is a versatile solution for measuring all biopotential signals. And the best part is, you can configure it to meet the requirements of whatever cool project you happen to be working on at the moment!

How We Got Here

It all started because we needed a module for recording EMG signals. Over time, our design improved to the point where it could record all kinds of biopotential signals. It also shrunk. Our first version, BioAmp EMG Pill, measured 4.75 x 1.24 cm. The current product, BioAmp EXG Pill, is only 2.54 x 1.00 cm. That’s a 57% reduction in size!

This one-of-a-kind biopotential amplifier took nearly eight months to get to v1.0 beta. And even now, as we regularly add sample code to the lengthy list of Arduino sketches that exist for it, we are still working to improve that design.

BioAmp EMG Pill v0.6 & v1.0

BioAmp EXG Pill v0.7 & v1.0 Beta

Come Have a Look!

We’ll be sharing weekly updates with demos and projects, so we invite you to sign up, stay in touch, and help us spread the word about our campaign!

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