BioAmp EXG Pill

Professional-grade analog front-end amplification for ECG, EMG, EOG, and EEG biosensing on one tiny board

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Aug 17, 2021

Project update 2 of 11

What Is It?

by Deepak Khatri

BioAmp EXG Pill is a small, powerful Analog Front End (AFE) biopotential signal-acquisition board that can be paired with any 5V microcontroller unit (MCU) that has an analog-to-digital converter (ADC) like Arduino UNO/Nano, ESP32, and others. It also works with any dedicated 5V (input range) ADC like the Texas Instruments ADS1115, ADS131M0x, and others. Image below shows a basic circuit with Arduino Nano, this setup has been used for all the sketches available in the software folder of BioAmp EXG Pill GitHub repository.

BioAmp EXG Pill is capable of recording publication-quality biopotential signals like ECG, EMG, EOG, and EEG, without the inclusion of any dedicated hardware or software filters. Its small size allows easy integration into mobile and space-constrained projects, and its powerful noise rejection makes it usable even when the device is close to the AC mains supply. Any 1.5 mm diameter wire can be used as a strain-relieving electrode cable, making BioAmp EXG Pill very cost-effective in comparison to other options.

History of the BioAmp EXG Pill

It was started as a project for recording EMG signals only (from v0.1 to v0.6) but after dozens of prototypes and countless experiments, BioAmp EXG Pill (from v0.7 to v1.0) was born. All the BioAmp EMG Pill designs were prototyped at home with a toner transfer method and the v0.7 perfect purple PCBs were generously provided by OSHPark.

The BioAmp EXG Pill v1.0 is 57% smaller in size in comparison to BioAmp EMG Pill v0.1 and has better signal acquisition capabilities than all the versions before that. The project is at the beta stage of its development. The v1.0b PCBs will be of Black masking with ENIG finish from PCBWay. We are testing both glossy black and matt black PCBs from them.

How to use BioAmp EXG Pill?

The BioAmp EXG Pill can be used in a variety of ways, the YouTube video below shows a potential way of using v0.7 of BioAmp EXG Pill.

A lot has improved in terms of interference rejection and flexibility of using BioAmp EXG Pill from v0.7 to v1.0 and the YouTube video below shows the ECG, EMG, EOG, and EEG recording using that.

What people made with BioAmp EXG Pill

One of the Beta tester of BioAmp EXG Pill Mayoogh Girish used the InMoov arm design and created his own 3D printed prosthetic arm and controlled it using the BioAmp EXG pill. The image below shows BioAmp EXG Pill v0.7 connected to Arduino Nano which he used to control the prosthetic arm shows in the image below that.

He has also created very cool video of the working arm which you can see in the YouTube video below.

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