AI in a Box

Your own offline, private, open source LLM for conversations and more

Oct 06, 2023

Project update 1 of 5

Live Demos at Conferences & New Renders

by Nat Jeffries

Thanks to all the early backers! We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring AI in a Box to life. Here are some updates on our progress.

Last week we attended Edge Impulse Imagine and The AI Conference, where we used our AI in a Box to live caption the keynote talks.

We also brought a prototype kit. Lots of people got a chance to see real-time captions of our conversations, and speak with our local AI agent.

We also learned that our AI agent has strange views when confronted with existential questions.

Our hardware team has been hard at work to produce new renderings of the final product. Here’s a sneak peek!

We are currently ironing out the last few bugs with our useful-transformers library to enable real-time translation. We are planning to have a video of real-time translation working locally in a future update!

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