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Oct 23, 2023

Project update 3 of 5

New Hardware Revision & More Real-Time Translation

by Laura Jefferson

Hello all,

Just a short update today. We have pictures showing our prototype daughter board (previously referred to as the board hat). As mentioned, the hat includes a 5" LCD screen, mic, speaker, and USB emulation. We’re currently moving ahead with testing.

We also have been working on showing translation in a split screen format. Here’s a video of split screen English to Japanese translation.

Of course we’ve also been experimenting with asking Chatty some different questions and uncovering some interesting bugs, for example:

Prompt: What sound does a duck make?
Response: ##########…

Since Chatty can’t hear while responding, to stop the scrolling #s, we had to reboot. Going forward, we’ll be adding a token limit to Chatty’s answers. ;)


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