A wireless, open source, ESP32-based fingerprint sensor with optional NFC

Nov 12, 2021

Project update 3 of 10

Hitting Our (New) Funding Goal!

by Akshar Vastarpara

Hello backers and subscribers,

We have an important piece of news to announce! We initially set our funding goal at $20k because the corresponding MoQ gave us the opportunity to buy some very high-quality fingerprint sensors at a very good price. With the $7,500 we’ve raised so far, we won’t be able to take advantage of that particular deal, but we can still afford enough of those sensors (and everything else we need) for a production run that will cover all crowdfunding orders and leave plenty of stock left over for post-campaign sales. So, in consultation with Crowd Supply, we have decided to lower our funding goal to $7,000. That way, we know for certain that we’ll have the chance to serve the growing community of makers who are looking forward to working with Chhavi.

Which means the campaign has funded, and you will be receiving your Chhavi modules! We’re pretty excited about this, and we look forward to sharing more good news in the coming weeks. Thank you for all the support!

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