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A wireless, open source, ESP32-based fingerprint sensor with optional NFC

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Upgrading Our USB Micro-B Port to USB Type-C!

by Akshar Vastarpara

We’ve been listening to the community of backers and other interested parties that has begun to form around Chhavi, and one request has been, by far, the most popular: many of you have asked that we replace Chhavi’s USB Micro-B port with a USB Type-C port. That sounds like a great idea to us, so…we’re going to do it!

Thank you for the feedback, and please keep it coming!

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Akshar Vastarpara


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Product Choices


Chhavi - Fingerprint Sensor & Battery

Chhavi with an FPC BM-Lite fingerprint sensor, a 200 MAh battery, and a 3D-printed stand.


Chhavi - Fingerprint Sensor, NFC, and Battery

Chhavi with an FPC BM-Lite fingerprint sensor, a NFC controller, an antenna module, a 200n MAh battery, and a 3D-printed stand.



Electronics was just all about engineering at the beginning, but the hacker community turned this industry into an artistic creative fun thing. We, Vicharak, are particularly interested in developing various kinds of hardware which will eventually serve people and hackers. We have already launched our first campaign with Maypole and some more cool projects are in the pipeline too! We want to try every possible electronics segment which can be hackable and make it more easily hackable. Our main goal is to develop simple solutions with major features.

Akshar Vastarpara

Team Lead

Harit Shukla

Hardware Developer

Jagrutkumar Vaghela

Hardware Developer

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