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Vaaman is a high-performance edge computing board, featuring a six-core ARM CPU and an FPGA with 112,128 logic cells. Its unique design makes it ideal for addressing many challenges unmet by current products. With a 300-MBps link between FPGA and CPU, Vaaman is optimized for hardware acceleration and excels at parallel computing. Vaaman’s versatility extends to its comprehensive range of interfaces, including PCI, HDMI, USB, MIPI, audio, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, BLE, LVDS, and GPIOs.

Vaaman accelerates your most demanding edge-computing scenarios.

Overcome Challenges With Parallel Processing

Vaaman stands at the forefront of Edge AI and ML acceleration, providing a dynamic platform for groundbreaking applications. We are currently developing a custom platform called "Gati," which will enable custom end-to-end solutions, and enable convolutional neural networks (CNN) exclusively on Vaaman. By mapping these advanced algorithms to the FPGA, the CPU is left free to handle other critical tasks, which improves overall performance.

Use Vaaman’s Onboard FPGA as Part of Your Toolchain

Supported Platforms

Pre-built images for Android 12.1, Debian (Bullseye 11), and Ubuntu (Focal 20.04).


SOC: Rockchip RK3399 (Dual Cortex-A72 + Quad Cortex-A53)


Wireless: Integrated RTL8822CS Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Combo Module (6222B-SRC)

Storage: 64-GB eMMC built-in

PCIe: PCIe 2.1 (4 full-duplex lanes at 20 Gbps)

Real-Time Clock: RTC support via built-in battery interface

Power: 18-W USB Type-C PD


FPGA: Efinix Trion T120

FPGA Interface Blocks:

Dimensions & Weight:

Open Source

This is an open hardware project, and we will release schematics of the board after completing fulfillment to backers. Learn more about Vaaman by reading our documentation.

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In the Press

Hackster News

"Open-hardware board looks to accelerate on-device machine learning and artificial intelligence via an on-board FPGA."

Linux Gizmos

"Vaaman’s design emphasizes speed and performance with a fast 300-MBps link between its FPGA and Rockchip RK3399 CPU..."

About the Team


Surat, India  ·   Vicharak_In  ·   vicharak-in  ·

We are pioneering reconfigurable computing in order to address complex challenges more quickly and easily. Our unique hardware seeks to redefine existing architectures and capabilities so we can move beyond century-old notions of computing.

Akshar Vastarpara

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