SlingAmp iPad Stand

by Vinod Goswami

SlingAmp is a stand that enhances the experience of listening to music and watching videos on you iPad.


  • Karen G

    Pinehurst , NC

  • Mary R

    Roslindale, MA

  • Josh W

    Rocky River, OH

  • Tim N

    Dallas, TX

  • Stephen S

    Stoughton, MA

  • Helen G

    Danvers, MA

  • Katherine F

    Wellesley, MA

  • Sara M

    Manchester, NJ

  • Susan B

    Kannapolis, NC

  • Pradeep M

    New York, NY

  • David C

    San Diego, CA

  • Neal W

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Paul G

    Boston, MA

  • Sanjeev G

    Florence, MA

  • Vinod G

    Chestnut Hill, MA

$895 raised

of $2,500 goal

36% Funded Time Expired
Aug 28 2014


Vinod Goswami

Lifelong inventor and tinkerer.

Vinod Goswami

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