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SlingAmp iPad Stand

SlingAmp is a stand that enhances the experience of listening to music and watching videos on you iPad.

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Aug 28 2014
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SlingAmp is a non-electronic amplifier and stand for iPads.


"SlingAmp Amplifies Your iPad’s Sound With a Minimalist Style."

SlingAmp has been designed to be used by all the iPad owners…any time any where!

.. to enjoy music
.. to watch news and videos
.. to read e-Books

Key features:

It is different

The shape of SlingAmp pushes the concept of simplicity ahead of the curve.

Developed for hands-free use in all moments of daily lifestyle…at home or in the office. It can reduce potential iPad neck strain.

The stability of the stand is further enhanced by the placing the stand on the smart cover with magnetic end of iPad tablet.

SlingAmp Experience

It has a unique anti-gravity design which can support iPad units in two different positions. landscape or portrait…horizontal and vertical.

The U- shaped channel supports iPad in the vertical position, and amplifies sound from the speaker(s) located at the bottom.

The U-shaped channel supports iPad in the horizontal position, and redirects the sound around the listening area.

Sound waves are bounced back and forth between the smooth rear surface of iPad and curvaceous interior of the SlingAmp stand thereby enhancing the experience..

SlingAmp functions as a beautiful photo or clock/alarm stand.

Product Specifications

Manufacturing Plan

SlingAmps are scheduled to be manufactured by a professional shop in the USA. Once funding goals are met, I will be in a position to finish the tooling and start production of SlingAmp units for the backers.

Prototypes have been produced and tested for the entire family of iPad tablets. Units are scheduled to be produced in the USA.

Risks & Challenges

I am working closely with a well established shop in the USA. It is equipped to handle larger volumes.

The cost material and future backlog at the shop may affect the overall cost and schedule.

Introduction of significant changes in the design and specification of iPad may impact the functionality of the SlingAmp Antigravity Stand.

About SlingAmp

Slingamp was invented and designed by Vinod Goswami. Vinod Goswami is a successful professional with education fro IIT, Kharagpur , India and university of Pittsburgh, USA. He has extensive track record in the fields of Technology, Elder Care and Product Design. He hold a number of US patents. He is also designer/inventor of the award winning Shelldhwani speakers. SlingAmp stand won an award at a recent Mass innovation Nights event in Boston,Mass.

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Produced by Vinod Goswami in Chestnut Hill, MA.

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About the Team

Vinod Goswami

Chestnut Hill, MA

Lifelong inventor and tinkerer.

Vinod Goswami

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