Wigl Kit: Build Your Own Music-loving Robot

by Vivek Mano

Wigl is an interactive educational robot that dances to music.

View all updates Jan 04, 2017

Assembly Video Coming Soon

Hope you all had wonderful holidays and are ready for 2017! Just a quick update for those who have received their Wigl kits: you can expect to see the second part of the Wigl assembly video come out this week. For reference, the first (covering most of the electronics soldering) is available here: https://www.crowdsupply.com/vivek-mano/wigl/updates/video-and-update.

Talk to you soon!

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Wigl Kit

The dancing robot itself - the kit includes all the necessary parts to build a robot and get Wigl moving to your tunes. Just bring a soldering iron, solder, and a 9V battery.


Vivek Mano

Vivek Mano

OSH Park


Prototype PCB Manufacturer

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