Wigl Kit

by Vivek Mano

Build your own music-loving robot.

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Board Assembly Video + Production Update

Hi Wiglers,

First off - we’re sorry for our long delay in getting this update out. We were hoping to have better news for you regarding our motor manufacturer, but it’s not fair to keep you all in the dark this long. Our next update will be much sooner, we promise!

Last update, we explained our delays with our motor manufacturer. Unfortunately, we’re still working on the same problem. The motor production has been pushed back again. We’re still trying to work things out with our current manufacturer, but if they can’t deliver in the next 2 weeks, we’re ready to switch to a new manufacturer.

Again, we apologize for this delay - please know that it’s frustrating for us as well. All of our other sourcing and components are ready to go, it’s just the motors that we’re waiting on.

To quote an eloquent backer, manufacturing is a complicated and delay-prone industry - "pretty much a “death of a thousand paper cuts".

The good news is that once we can nail down the motors we’re all set!

In other news, we finished our first Wigl Kit: How-To video!

This video is an instructional guide to soldering your Wigl kit - the first step in building your dancing robot. It is the first in our series of instructional videos that will be your guide to putting together the Wigl robot.

So while we work on the motors, you can practice those soldering skills. Don’t forget to tin your tip…

Please enjoy, and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us at orders@crowdsupply.com.

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Wigl Kit

The dancing robot itself - the kit includes all the necessary parts to build a robot and get Wigl moving to your tunes. Just bring a soldering iron, solder, and a 9V battery.


Classroom Pack (6 Wigl Kits)

Enough kits for the whole class to work together in teams to build real, musical robots. Collectively, a group of Wigl can be referred to as a Wag.


Vivek Mano

I’m an Electrical Engineer from the University of Florida. While at UF, I created my first robot, an autonomous tennis-ball retrieving robot. Since then, I’ve had fun building various other hobby robots.

Vivek Mano

OSH Park

Prototype PCB Manufacturer

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