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Sep 05, 2023

Project update 8 of 10

A Huge Thank You, Exciting News About Lime Suite Support, and an Invitation to Attend Our GRCon Talk This Wednesday

by Andrew Avtushenko

We’d like to thank everyone who backed the uSDR campaign. As we’ve mentioned before, we are constantly working on new features and improvements, and we’re excited to announce that uSDR is now supported hardware for the Lime Suite software collection!

Lime Suite Support for uSDR

Lime RFIC—and LMS6002D in particular—plays a significant part in the uSDR design. It gives users the option to work through SoapySDR and their preferred software as an alternative to our web interface. We’ve already started working on Lime Suite compatibility and will have it ready by the time the first orders ship out. Stay tuned!

We’d also like to send a special thank you to Andrew Back for his uSDR & WSDR overview on Thanks Andrew!

GRCon Talk About the WSDR Platform

We will be giving an overview of the WSDR platform at the 2023 GNU Radio Conference (GRCon) this Wednesday, September 6th, at 11 AM local time (6 PM GMT). Don’t forget to sign up for a virtual registration to watch the livestream! Or drop us a line if you’re going to be at the conference and would like to meet up and have a look at uSDR!

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