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A tiny, single-sided M.2 SDR board that you can operate easily using your web browser

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uSDR is an embedded software-defined radio board that targets ease of use and collaboration. It incorporates WebUSB technology, which enables full functionality in the Chrome browser under Linux, Windows, MacOS, and Android, all without requiring specific drivers or software.

The uSDR web platform makes software-defined radio accessible to everyone, providing an easy starting point from which to learn and prototype. It allows you to run a spectrum analyzer, record IQ data, analyze recordings, listen to FM radio, and much more. This web-based approach makes it easy to collaborate online by sharing recordings of your findings with colleagues. It also supports extensive customization, so you can use it to create your own applications. uSDR is compatible with WebUSB, SoapySDR, and GNURadio.

uSDR Demo

Software-Defined Radio Meets the Web

Have you ever worked with software-defined radio? Just getting started typically requires the installation of compatible software-support libraries and drivers for your operating system, followed by the installation and configuration of at least one user-facing application—sometimes a particular version of that application. This process can be challenging and discouraging.

To address this, we developed uSDR, a straightforward hardware solution that leverages WebUSB technology so you can operate it through through your web browser, which effectively eliminates installation, configuration, and compatibility hassles.

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uSDR is part of AMD FPGA Playground!

In the Press


"[T]he uSDR... is designed to be operated via its web interface which can be accessed through Chrome... This should help eliminate installation and compatibility issues, and allow the SDR to easily be used over a network."

Hackster News

"Boston-based Wavelet Lab is aiming to bring software-defined radio (SDR) to a broader audience, combining a drop-in M.2 SDR radio module with a browser-based interface..."

Myriad RF Blog

"Wavelet Lab is looking to make software-defined radio more accessible, using a compact M.2 SDR module dubbed the uSDR alongside a WebUSB-connected browser-based software bundle with some impressive collaboration features."

About the Team

Wavelet Lab

Boston, USA  ·  usdr_pro  ·

The team that has been working with digital signal processing (DSP) and Software Defined Radio (SDR) for the past decade, taking hardware and user experience to the next level.

Andrew Avtushenko

Sergey Kostanbaev

Timur Davidov

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