Little Bee

An affordable, high-performance current & magnetic field probe

Dec 17, 2020

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Our Campaign is Live!

by Weston Braun

I am very excited to be launching the Little Bee campaign! As a PhD student in power electronics, with my own small workbench, I understand the importance of affordable test equipment and wish that more than a small fraction of it was open hardware.

I built the first Little Bee prototype for my own use. After four design revisions, I have an optimized and production ready design that I am excited to share with the electronics community. Since that first design, I have significantly reduced the probe noise level, improved the mechanical design, and used all but one available pin on the microcontroller. I will be talking about some of these things and more in future campaign updates.

Since I first started talking about this project, I have been surprised and heartened both by the level of interest and by the amount of feedback I have received. I am looking forward to being able to deliver Little Bee to my backers—and more broadly, to a future where important test equipment is more accessible to all.

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