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Aug 04, 2017

ATM90E26 Featherwing Assembly Progress

While we’ve been working on the Crowd Supply campaign we have also put together a small order of PCB’s and parts for an early delivery batch. All boards for these batch have been assembled and I am currently performing QA on them. Here are some assembly photos.

All boards were ordered from Hackvana with parts from Mouser. Assembled locally in Adelaide using RoHS process. This first batch of boards will ship as soon as the campaign is over, to the earliest backers.

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Product Choices


ATM90E26 Breakout Board

A breadboard-compatible ATM90E26 module I made to save myself hundreds of dollars, which earned me a mention on Hackaday. Now it can help you get started with energy monitoring as well.


ATM90E26 Breakout Kit

All the parts you will need to use the ATM90E26 on a breadboard to build a self-powering energy monitor with Wi-Fi connectivity. A NodeMCU and a 100 A YHDC current clamp will be included as part of the kit. Voltage sampling transformer is the only other part the user has to supply.


Energy Monitor FeatherWing

A hacker-friendly, low-voltage dev kit for the ATM90E26. Compatible with most Adafruit Feather-series boards and accessible via SPI or UART. Two can be stacked in SPI mode for grid + solar single-phase monitoring.


Energy Monitor FeatherWing Kit

An Energy Monitor Featherwing with some essentials to get you going. The Adafruit Feather and a 100 A YHDC current clamp will be included as part of the kit. Voltage sampling transformer is the only other part the user has to supply.


DIN Rail Energy Monitor (Single ATM90E26)

Something your electrician will feel good about installing. A fully featured DIN rail module with options to install two ATM90E26 monitoring boards for grid + solar. Can be interfaced with Wemos (ESP8266) footprint boards to add Wi-Fi, BLE, LoRa, and other forms of network connectivity.


ATM90E26 Secondary Module for DIN Rail Use

Secondary module for the DIN Rail Energy Monitor above which will add another phase into the monitoring setup. Essentially the same as the breadboard version but with isolated SPI bus making it suitable for use with high-voltage inputs. This module can be used to measure a second phase or single phase solar output after the inverter. You can also use it to design your own isolated high-voltage monitoring system.

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