ATM90E26 Single-Phase Energy Monitor Dev Kits

by whatnick

An open, affordable, and accurate energy monitor using ATM90E26.

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Progress on DIN rail power/sampling board

I have been receiving a few questions regarding the 3-phase supplies and the DIN rail module. The DIN rail base-board is slightly over engineered and can handle 3-phases and 6-current transformers (+2 neutrals). Please see the below images for a first prototype under test. The metering module will sit in the PCI-E x1 slot and currently is specified to contain 1 or 2 ATM90E26 according to reward level, however it can be upgraded to a module with 1 or 2 ATM90E36 to handle 3-phases in the future.


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Whatnick INC is a consulting engineering company mainly working in the Energy Monitoring arena. We aim to build open-source hardware and empower users to put their own monitoring solutions together.

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