ATM90E26 Single-Phase Energy Monitor Dev Kits

An open, affordable, and accurate energy monitor using ATM90E26.

Sep 07, 2017

ATM90E26 Breakout assembly and QC progress

Thank you very much for your interest and support. I have reached my funding goal with a few weeks to spare.

Assembly of initial batch in Adelaide has finished and I am currently testing the ATM90E26 Breakouts. Getting these tested and ready will help me focus on the design of the DIN rail module.

There have also been a fair few questions regarding 3-phase support. I have successfully tested a 3-phase capable Featherwing based on the ATM90E36, more details on this soon. Hopefully I can launch a follow on campaign to cater for those interested in 3-phase energy monitoring.


Whatnick Team

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