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An open, affordable, and accurate energy monitor using ATM90E26.

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ATM90E26 Featherwing Test Rig and QC

Often building the product behind the product is the hardest part of scaling a design. This week I am building an automated test rig for the ATM90E26 Breakout boards which uses 12V AC through out and some relays to switch signals into the measurement board. Last week I completed a test rig for the ATM90E26 Featherwings and handed it over to the assembly folks for QC of all Featherwing boards and any potential rework. Here it is in action:

I have also placed my order for Adafruit parts and current clamps for those who ordered kits and these are on their way to the Crowd Supply warehouse.

On the design front I have the first set of prototypes for the DIN rail metering board in fabrication. I have also started on an isolated SPI wemos shield for talking to it. I am considering adding some footprints for an i2c sensor / microSD on this isolated SPI board. What would you like to see ? You can reach me at,



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Whatnick INC is a consulting engineering company mainly working in the Energy Monitoring arena. We aim to build open-source hardware and empower users to put their own monitoring solutions together.

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