ATM90E26 Single-Phase Energy Monitor Dev Kits

by whatnick

An open, affordable, and accurate energy monitor using ATM90E26.

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Production Update

Dear Supporters,

I have been making good progress and continuously releasing my work on Github for review. I have also brought in a couple of freelancers to review my designs and assist with the routing. The final result is that all ATM90E26 Breakouts and Featherwings have been tested and packed for shipping. 2 of the 3 PCB’s for the DIN rail module are finalized and I have received these from fab, they are ready for assembly, the high voltage sampler board is having another revision since we decided to change the connectors on it from RJ45 to Molex Nanofit (this works better with the enclosure due to lower profile). This new design is now under review, should pass by next week.

Here are some images of final PCB’s and the assembled DIN rail module under test.

You can also follow my progress with regular updates on my Facebook page.

New Github repository for DIN Rail KiCAD files are here:



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Whatnick INC is a consulting engineering company mainly working in the Energy Monitoring arena. We aim to build open-source hardware and empower users to put their own monitoring solutions together.

Tishampati Dhar

Electronics Design Lead

Rany Thach

Logistics and Supply Chain

Gokul Shriyam


Andrew Karas

Enclosure Designs and MCAD

Fabrice Marre

Video Production



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