Park Place Snap-Front Jacket

A down-filled, waterproof jacket, comfortable and casual enough for everyday wear, from premium materials.

Sep 16, 2013

Project update 7 of 7

Manufacturing & Delivery Update

Hello WILD Supporters,

WILD Outdoor Apparel is very sorry to announce that the Park Place Snap-Front Jacket has been delayed at the factory and will now be leaving the factory the last week of October.

There was some confusion as to the delivery date from the Crowd Supply sale. Originally Oct. 15th was the delivery date and then it was moved up to August in an "update". That "update" was not correct and I am sorry for the mistake. Late deliveries are never fun to announce and I made it worse buy mistakenly moving forward the delivery date. Please accept my apology.

The new date will require 30 days transit time from the end of October so the actual customer in-hand date will be early December. All of the fabric and materials were purchased a long time ago so I am greatly disappointed in the delay in the sewing of the garments at the factory. Please know I will do all that I can to keep to this new delivery time line.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dan Tiegs

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