Sweet Sister Down Hoodie

by WILD Outdoor Apparel

Gorgeously vibrant outdoor technical down hoodie designed in Portland, OR. Perfect for adventure of all kinds.

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Halfway There!

Hello Sweet Sister Supporters,

Wild Outdoor Apparel had a very nice post yesterday on Cheryl Strayed’s Facebook page. Please read the below. Her latest book Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail was published in the United States March 20, 2012 and has been translated into twenty-eight languages. It debuted at No. 7 on the " New York Times Best Seller list" in hardcover nonfiction and on July 15, 2012, it reached No. 1 and held that spot for seven consecutive weeks.

Thanks to everyone who has purchased a Sweet Sister Down Hoodie. I really appreciate your support. To date the campaign is 51% funded. I realize the weather is getting nicer across the country and perhaps thinking about a down garment - no matter how light - is not upper most on your mind. This campaign however, is timed so that your hoodie arrives before the cold weather season begins. Since the Sweet Sister is a new-to-the-world design the production and delivery needs to be coordinated with the fall season. This fall when your Sweet Sister arrives it will be new, unique and original.

The Sweet Sister Down Hoodie is the second Wild style to debut on Crowd Supply. All new to the world Wild styles will debut on Crowd Supply. It is the place for the best price and first dibs.

Please helps spread the word by sharing this email or via social media, you help and support is much appreciated!

Thanks again to all of my supporters, and as always, stay WILD.


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Jun 07 2013
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WILD Outdoor Apparel

WILD Outdoor Apparel is a design house from Portland, OR specializing in technical apparel that takes you from the mountain to the bar with aplomb.

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