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Jun 14, 2013

A Big Thanks to my Supporters!

The Sweet Sister Down Hoodie campaign on Crowd Supply ended on Friday, June 7th to great success. It was the second successful WILD Outdoor Apparel sale to be run on Crowd Supply.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Sweet Sister Down Hoodie. And thank you to everyone who has spread the word about Wild through Facebook likes, Pintrest, personal recommendations and the forwarding of this newsletter. It is not easy making a splash in the world and I appreciate all the Wild Good Will that has been shown by all of you.

Thank you for supporting Wild.

Dan Tiegs

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Jun 07 2013

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WILD Outdoor Apparel

WILD Outdoor Apparel is a design house from Portland, OR specializing in technical apparel that takes you from the mountain to the bar with aplomb.

Dan Tiegs

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