Sweet Sister Down Hoodie

Gorgeously vibrant outdoor technical down hoodie designed in Portland, OR. Perfect for adventure of all kinds.

Sep 16, 2013

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Manufacturing & Delivery Update

Hello Sweet Sister Supporters,

I thought I would give everyone an update as to the delivery of the Sweet Sister Down Hoodie from WILD Outdoor Apparel that sold via Crowd Supply this spring.

The Sweet Sister hoodie is scheduled to leave the factory the last week of October. To get the customer in-hand date, a 30 day transit time needs to be added to the ship date, making the in-hand date the first week of December. I am truly sorry for the delay but this is one of the big headaches of being a "little guy." All of the fabric and materials have been in place for a long time. We are just waiting for the final sewing.

I will do all that I can to keep the time line as close as possible to the original.

Thank you for your understanding.

Dan Tiegs

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