The Skull CTF

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Dec 23, 2020

Project update 12 of 18

Scary Christmas!

by Uri Shaked

Ahoy Mateys!

[זנב תולע]%

With Christmas just around the corner, we decided to take advantage of The Skull’s expansion pins to bring you a best-in-class Yuletide experience by plugging in a rare-earth magnet speaker and creating a special, open-source, hand-written firmware for the occasion. We are proud to present the results!

While planning the video above, we had a lively discussion on our Diꜱcord channel, where some brave soul suggested that we plug an AM antenna into The Skull and turn her into a pirate radio station. That definitely sounds like our kind of project, and we might very well give it a try!

Meanwhile, we’ve started getting quotes from contract manufacturers who want to build your Skull. As anticipated, setting up a geothermal steam-soldering process is no mean feat, but it pales in comparison to the trials one must endure when preparing to ship CR2032 batteries internationally. We’ve been turned down by several CMs, and are still trying to figure out the secret sauce that will allow us to ship with "batteries included." Wish us luck.

Scary Christmas, everyone!

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