The Skull CTF

A mind-bending hardware puzzle in three acts

Jan 20, 2021

Project update 14 of 18

Skulls All The Way Down

by Uri Shaked

Ahoy Mateys!

….. ——. ..—- %

The Shipping Ritual

Assembly is complete. In a wildly uneventful flurry of activity, 200 new Skulls were brought into this world:

As far as the eye socket can see...

Before we celebrate, however, there is one final thing we need to take care of: The Shipping Ritual.

For starters, our shaman will light a candle to quicken the spirits of our Skulls and to protect their delicate electrosouls during their long journey from China to the USA. She will then lay each Skull upon a satiny pillow and place it to rest within a tiny, anti-static coffin.

At midnight exactly, we will march down the street to Shenzhen’s oldest cemetery, where we will rendezvous with a crew of legendary buccaneers, known far and wide as the Deadly-Hook Looters (aka. DHL), at which point we will hand over The Skulls. The Looters have promised to ship our package all the way to Crowd Supply without harm. Crowd Supply, in turn, has agreed to dispatch a flotilla of privateers to hunt down the Looters should they make off with your Skulls. In the meantime—and in accordance with long-standing tradition—Crowd Supply will be holding my family as collateral.

Skullburgers & Skullgoggles

You are all waiting for your Skulls. And we know that waiting is difficult. It’s difficult for us, too! But, in terms of moving things along, we’ve pretty much hit the point of diminishing returns. At this stage, we’re really just trying to keep ourselves distracted. So, instead of doing the stuff we’re supposed to be doing, we’re doing other stuff. And, to make matters worse, we’re going to tell you all about it.

You all know about the traditional "burger menu", right? The overflow menu—denoted by three vertically stacked horizontal lines—that you can find in the corner of most websites and apps nowadays? Well, we got bored so we came up with our own implementation: The Skullburger, which you can find on The Skull’s website.

We enjoyed clicking The Skullburger so much that we created a dedicated page where you can click on it all day long in a race to the bottom top!

In addition, we’ve 3D-printed glasses for our Skulls, painted them, and taken rather a lot of photographs. (Want to make your own Skullgoggles? The 3D-printable model is waiting for you on our ftp server!)

Blabberin’ on Skulls

One final note: tomorrow—and only tomorrow—the creator of The Skull will be Live Blabberin’ on The Maker Show. We dare you not to show up!

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