Stor-More Key Safe

by WordLock, Inc.

A word combination lock and vestibule for storing keys and so much more!


  • John D

    Carnarvon, Australia

  • Chantal B

    HAMILTON, Australia

  • Geoff P

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Flying c

    Portland, OR

  • Nicolle A

    Aston, PA

  • Acacio C

    Zurich, Switzerland

  • Julie G

    Ballwin, MO

  • Wright R

    Brooklyn, NY

  • John S

    Lowell, MA

  • John F

    Brownsburg, IN

  • Nigel L

    Petersham, Australia

  • Terry S

    Monroe, MI

  • Nimesh P

    Bartlett, IL

  • Trudie W

    Portland, OR

  • John D

    Columbiaville , MI

  • David W

    Easthampton, MA

  • Denny J

    London, United Kingdom

  • Nettitieto O

    kuopio, Finland

  • Robert S

    Preston, United Kingdom

  • Brian S

    Hialeah, FL

  • Hubert S

    Andover, MA

  • Christopher L

    Portland, OR

  • Deette L

    Monticello, IL

  • Louis D

    portland , AL

  • Pritham R

    Happy Valley, OR

  • Charles O

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Clyde J

    san antonio, TX

  • Vincent L

    portland, OR

  • I-gene L

    Mountain View, CA

  • Raleigh R

    Alexandria, VA

  • Werner W

    Obfelden, Switzerland

  • Jeffrey P

    Minneapolis, MN

  • Gregory H

    Seattle, WA

  • Christian P

    urbandale, IA

  • Ronnie N

    Barnesville, MN

  • Ryan D

    Virginia Beach, VA

  • Jennifer G

    San Jose, CA

  • Carol S

    Mt View, CA

  • Mark B

    Woodside, CA

  • Michael A

    indianapolis, IN

  • Heather R

    Indianapolis, IN

  • Matthew P

    San Antonio, TX

  • Kurt D

    Rochester, NY

  • Rose O

    Westford, MA

  • Jeff W

    Charlotte, NC

  • J C

    Hammond, LA

  • Janna L

    Kailua-Kona, HI

  • Andrea M

    Scottsdale, AZ

  • Carl B

    Greencastle, IN

  • Melanie B

    portland, OR

  • Jim B

    loudonville, NY

  • Jay H

    Palo Alto, CA

  • Tim T

    Sunnyvale, CA

  • Jay C

    los gatos, CA

  • Wendy B

    Woodside, CA

  • Joel W

    framingham, MA

  • Diana D

    Portland, OR

  • Paul F

    Campbell, CA

  • John V

    Durham, NH

  • James C

    Overland Park, KS

  • John D

    Clanton, AL

  • Star S

    San Francisco, CA

  • Louis D

    portland, OR

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Jun 12 2013
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Stor-More Key Safe


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WordLock, Inc.

Todd Basche invented the first Wordlock because no one in his family could remember number combinations. Now, they are sold around the world.

Todd Basche


Rahn Basche


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