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Stor-More Key Safe

A word combination lock and vestibule for storing keys and so much more!

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Jun 12 2013
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Security, Reliability, Ease-of-Use

All metal construction, personal password, and so easy to use. Take a solid aluminum locking head, a stainless steel body built to withstand hammering and sawing, corrosion and rust resistance to withstand the elements and you have one tough key safe. Once you have entered your 4-letter personal password code, the stainless steels safe detaches from the lock, so you can empty your keys, credit cards, or smart key into your hand. No keys falling out of a shallow box. Or reach in and drop up to 30 keys into the safe. Simply screw it back in and enter the private password. Now you have complete security in a consumer friendly product. This product is built to protect your valuables and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Biggest Little key Safe Anywhere!

The stainless steel bottle key safe offers more space for smart keys, credit cards, or even half of a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich for your hungry little student!

Keeping up with the times, WordLock recognizes that keys have changed but key safes have not. So we created an innovative product that will hold the new, larger automotive smart keys in addition to up to 30 standard keys, credit cards, or whatever items you want to lock in an outside safe. We know innovation is the only way to stay current, and that consumers need products that can meet their everyday changing needs. We’re always creating better products so you can feel secure and in step with the times.

Two Mounting Options in One Product

No other product on the market offers two mounting options in one safe device. Why not wait until you’re home to decide which way you want to mount your WordLock Stor-More Key Safe? It’s easy when you have a choice! WordLock brings you the only key safe that offers two mounting options in one product. All other products are EITHER hanging or wall mounting, but with your new Stor-More Key Safe, you have a choice. All the hardware you need to mount the safe to a wall is found inside the key safe, along with a set of easy to follow instructions. Or, if you prefer, you can simply hang the key safe on your door knob, fence, or anywhere, with our vinyl coated, anti-scratch hardened steel shackle.

Premiums & Pledge Levels

Early Bird Special ($30)

Receive one Stor-More key safe at a special price for our first supporters. Limited to the first 100 backers.

Stor-More Key Safe ($35)

Receive one Stor-More Key Safe at a special Crowd Supply price. This safe will retail for $39.99!

Customized Stor-More Key Safe ($50)

Receive a custom Stor-More Key safe laser etched with text of your choice, up to 24 characters. Limited to the first 10 backers.

Stor-More Key Safe x2 ($60)

Receive two Stor-More Key safes. You can store the money you saved in one of your new key safes!

Product Specifications

Manufacturing Plan

We have 11 factories in China and we work with them all the time. We have shipped millions of padlocks and bike locks that they built to our specifications. This is a brand new product that we are working on with our most advanced factory. They will be available here ready to ship to you by July 1st 2013.

Risks and Challenges

Our biggest challenge is getting the word out to consumers about our product. Key Lock boxes are huge sellers in mass retail stores, and there are those brands that have been around forever. With an innovative brand like WordLock, and a highly differentiated product that really meets the needs of today’s consumers, the brand will have great shelf appeal once consumers know to look for it.

About WordLock

At WordLock we reimagined the space of personal security with innovative industrial designs, new materials and finishes, and an overriding commitment to the highest levels of security combined with the easiest to use products on the market.

Because our combination locks use letters instead of numbers, you can create your own personal password from 10,000 different letter combinations. Our patented algorithm allows you to choose from thousands of real words, or you can create combinations of letters that have meaning to you. The password is easy to set, and reset so you can change it whenever you want.

WordLock makes over 100 different SKUS including padlocks, bike locks, commercial locks, luggage locks. Check us out at wordlock.com or like us on Facebook. Research shows us that a 4 letter word is 4 times easier to remember than a string of numbers. Because what good is a lock if you can’t remember the combination?

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Produced by WordLock, Inc. in Santa Clara, CA.

Sold and shipped by Crowd Supply.

Early Bird Special

$30 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Stor-More Key Safe

$40 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Stor-More Key Safe x2

$60 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

Customized Stor-More Key Safe

$50 $8 US Shipping / $18 Worldwide

About the Team

WordLock, Inc.

Santa Clara, CA  ·   wordlock.com

Todd Basche invented the first Wordlock because no one in his family could remember number combinations. Now, they are sold around the world.

Todd Basche
Rahn Basche

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