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Feb 21, 2024

Project update 5 of 5

Wyldcard Standard DevKits are Complete!

by Jonah S

This has been a huge amount of work. Originally I estimated it would take me about 9 months, but here I am at 13, and I’m just taping up the first shipment to the warehouse.

There was initially some delay, as I had to redesign PCBs, drivers, and software to account for a new model of the e-paper displays. Other than that, I’ve been fully working on production. In the past four months I went back to normal employment, and so have been working evenings and weekends to finish the remaining work. I decided that I’d rather spend my time finishing delivery than editing videos, so I stopped posting to Youtube.

I’m really pleased with how everything has turned out. The quality and finish of these kits is what I hoped, and there weren’t any sacrifices to the design that had to be made. I’m also proud of how there haven’t been any major mistakes, I didn’t have to re-do or scrap anything, and I kept within my budget! As I neared the end, supplies of the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 finally stopped being limited. Even if I had finished work earlier, I would have been stuck waiting for the Pi’s until about now.

I’ll ship these kits to Crowd Supply, and they’ll start shipping to backers after their warehouse processes the inventory. I’m excited for those of you who ordered to get your hands on them!

I’ll continue with the Deluxe DevKits and ship those separately. All the electronics work is finished, so there’s just a bit of woodworking for my next few weekends.

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