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Wyldcards are portable plastic cards with e-paper screens. These interactive cards are able to respond and adapt for a versatile gaming experience; with built-in storage capacity, Wyldcards can persist stats, log moves, and track status effects. Snap them onto a Plinth to change their programmable images, and connect your Plinth with a friend’s to collaborate or compete!

Unlock a new paradigm in tabletop gaming with computer-driven mechanics. Maintain state between sessions, trigger behaviors based on other cards in play, change a rule based on the time of day, or implement your own next-generation game mechanic. Or just shuffle without shuffling! Ready to design your own game? Order a DevKit now!

With the Wyldcard DevKit, you can load your own images onto the cards and write your own firmware using our simple SDK. We’ll make it easy to implement game mechanics and card behavior so you can spend your time exploring the interaction space of these new devices. DevKits will ship with at least one simple demo game.

And of course Wydlcards can be used for other energy-efficient, daylight-readable projects as well. Examples might include editable tags, labels, badges, ticket stubs, digital picture frames, and other such applications.

Features & Specifications

Open Source

Our GitHub repository will contain all of the public source code and design files for Wyldcard. That will include:

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In the Press

Boing Boing

Boing Boing

"Wait until psycho-reactive crystal [is] a real thing[?] Maybe not. E-ink might be close enough, if this prototype of Jonah Stiennon's Wyldcards is any indication."

Hackster News

"Jonah Stiennon's Wyldcard project has taken the internet by storm!"

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Wyldcard LLC

Oakland, CA  ·  TinyTimZamboni  ·  jonahss  ·

Introducing a new paradigm in tabletop gaming: e-paper cards that can change

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