K210 AI Accelerator

A Raspberry Pi HAT that lets you develop edge AI camera applications in minutes, not months

Jan 28, 2021

Project update 1 of 5

Crowdfunding Has Begun

by Linus Kerk

XaLogic started with a vision to bring Machine Learning to the edge. We quickly realized that getting a Neural Network to run on a small system such as the Raspberry Pi is challenging, both in terms of model design/training and hardware acceleration. Our own solution to the problem manifested in the K210 AI Accelerator Raspberry Pi HAT. The HAT, together with pre-trained models we’ve created, will make your Pi camera AI-enabled within minutes.

Today, we are one step closer to solving the problem with the launch of our campaign. Since the pre-launch announcement, I have gotten lots of support and heard about the projects you plan to build with this. I look forward to getting units in your hands and seeing how you put the board to use in cool and amazing applications.

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