K210 AI Accelerator

A Raspberry Pi hat that lets you develop edge AI applications within minutes, not months

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K210 AI Accelerator is a Raspberry PI Hat powered by the Kendryte K210 AI Processor. It fits into any RPi with a standard 40 pins connector and gives it a Neural Engine Accelerator (Kendryte K210) with 0.5 TOPs (Tera Operations) processing power. Using one of our many free pre-trained models, you can add machine vision features using deep learning in a matter of minutes.

This handy hat, for example, lets you add AI features to your RPi based camera even if you don’t know how to train your model. Our plugin module together with pre-trained models will make your camera AI-enabled within minutes.

Open Source

Schematics, C code in the K210 and all codes running on Raspberry PI will be open sourced. Pre-trained models are provided in binary form, also, sample Caffe and Tensorflow projects are available to help you create your own custom neural network.


  • Same form factor as a RPi Zero allowing a very compact solution
  • We provide and will continue to add many pre-trained models so you can develop smart AI applications without the need to go through the tedious flow of training your neural networks
  • A call to a few APIs in Python gives you cool features such as real-time face detection, object detection etc.


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