K210 AI Accelerator

A Raspberry Pi HAT that lets you develop edge AI camera applications in minutes, not months

Apr 15, 2021

Project update 4 of 5

Manufacturing News

by Linus Kerk

In our last update, we estimated assembly would be complete by April 5th, 2021. However, we hit a snag with component delivery to the factory which caused some delays. I would like to offer my sincere apologies for this and thank you all for your patience. With better visibility now, I can give you all an update.

PCB Assembly

Last week, all the components were received and checked to ensure all the part numbers are correct. The factory did a sample assembly for a final check. This is to first ensure all components can be mounted correctly and then to perform checks such as orientation of components and markings. Below is an image of the first assembled part.

Now, production for a build of 250 pieces has started and is scheduled to be completed by this week. The boards will then be sent from the factory to our office for a final test.

Test Jig

As mentioned in earlier updates, we started building the test jig and developing the test software before the campaign even ended. I am happy to say the test jig design is done and test program development is complete.

In the jig, the board will be sitting on a platform where a lever will apply well distributed pressure on the board to contact the pogo pins. The box below contains a Raspberry PI connected to the pogo pins and acting as the tester.

Website Updates

We are also updating our website to provide more tutorials and examples. The K210 AI Accelerator is not just an AI accelerator, but is also a very good learning platform for developing native C code for the powerful RiscV 64 bits processor (K210). We have ported the necessary tools and packages so you can develop, upload, and debug right on the Raspberry PI using Mircosoft VS code with Platform IO Plugin. So head on over to our tutorial to check out our Hello World (LED Blinky) code.

More tutorials will be available soon, such as implementing object detection on your IP camera, and we’ll be introducing more interesting models very soon.

Once again, thanks for your support. If you are still considering getting one or an additional K210 AI Accelerator, you can still pre-order and we’ll have sufficient stock to fulfill the orders.


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