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Aug 05, 2019

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Awesome Sobel Filter Demo with FireAnt

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We built a real time Sobel filter and posterizing filter demonstration recently. (Credit to Efinix Inc Hong Kong Team for their help). The system is capturing video from camera module OV5640 with 720p resolution. The FireAnt processes all captured data and exports to monitor via VGA 666 module. It is powered by micro USB connection associated with FireAnt and consumes around 250mA.

FireAnt Embedded Vision - View 1

The demo design consists of 5 operating modes to illustrate the effect of each filter.

1. Streaming

Streaming mode applies no filter and directly streams video captures from the camera:

FireAnt Embedded Vision - Streaming mode

2. Sobel

Sobel mode applies a full-screen sobel filter to the video capture. The Sobel filter highlights the edges and displays on screen.

FireAnt Embedded Vision - Sobel mode

3. Sobel + Streaming

This mode splits the screen and shows the difference when applying the Sobel filter and the unchanged video capture.

FireAnt Embedded Vision - Sobel + streaming mode

4. Posterize + Streaming

Again, this mode separates the screen in half. On the left side the color is posterized; on the right side you can see the unchanged video capture.

FireAnt Embedded Vision - Posterize + Streaming mode

5. Rotating

The final mode loops the previous 4 modes every 3 seconds. It automates all modes to easily demonstrate each filter.

Resource Usage

The RTL Design utilizes 3086 logic elements counts (41.8%), dedicating 18 memory blocks (75%) and 0 multipliers (0%). A direct instruction with connection diagram and source code will be disclosed soon.

FireAnt Embedded Vision - Resource table
FireAnt Embedded Vision - Top View
FireAnt Embedded Vision - Bottom view

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